Wednesday, 15 December 2010

2010 : Heroes of the year Number 8

Svetlana Industries are my label of the year and I guess I have written more about their releases over the past 12 months than any other label (here, here, here and here) - perhaps both a sign of the friendly and approachable figures running it but also the fact that in their first year they have released some of the most interesting and lasting records of 2010. 

I think I could have been really disappointed with building up the hype too much in my mind before hearing anything - working with the 8Bitch and Jackhigh, getting Ramadanman in to remix their first single and Zomby for their third. Yet at every point they could have made a false move this year, they have turned out pleasant surprises. 

I guess behind the scenes they probably have been making mistakes but for a label just coming up to the first anniversary of their debut release, they seem to be making giant leaps forward with every move.

Here again are all the free tracks they've given out this year:

Deekline & Wizard - The Backup Remixes

Teebs & Jackhigh - The Tropics Remixed

Come On Lets Go

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