Friday, 24 December 2010

2010 : Heroes of the year Number 1

Consistently brilliant all year. Every single thing he touched, his own tracks either as Ramadanman or Pearson Sound, the remixes, collaborations - I loved the lot. I heard him on Rinse play a set with Joy Orbison a few weeks ago and he was pulling all kinds of deep stuff - Chicago house and Detroit techno. I couldn't get enough. Hessle Audio put out even more great stuff from James Blake, Blawan and of course Pangaea and both Ramadanman and Pearson Sound themselves.

I almost hope that in 2011 we don't see him moving into album territory as his productions are just so good as stand alone moments, it might shatter my illusions if an lp didn't quite work. Maybe production on someone else's albums in the style of Burial working with Jamie Woon or maybe he will take the James Blake / Darkstar / Mount Kimbie blueprint of taking the dubstep album off into new and uncharted territory. Or hopefully he'll just smash everyone again with another handful of absolute bangers.

Basically these are all the songs I have loved this year:

Your Words Matter 
More Than You Know 
Grab Somebody 
I Beg You 
A Couple More Years 
Work Them
Void 23 (Carl Craig Edit) 
Night Air 
Blue Eyes 
It Takes A Muscle 

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