Tuesday, 21 December 2010

2010 : Heroes of the year Number 4

I think it came through one of Bake and All Caps ustreams early in the year when I first heard one of my favourite records of the year, Pariah's Orpheus. It was an odd one because every review I read about him around the time always talked about the Dilla-esque other side (turns out actually the a-side) whereas I was hooked on the Thelma Houston sampling garage track on the flip.

The same happened with the follow-up double pack, The Safehouses EP, which took in various styles a and really showed that there was a lot of breadth to this guy's talents from techno, electro and minimal, yet it was the 2step garage tracks that I really picked up on.

The Dummy mix from early in the summer showed that even as a relatively young lad at 21, he definitely knows his roots of garage and that he is a very accomplished dj as well as producer and as work for The XX and, here, Erykah Badu shows, remixer as well.

If you missed the classic Guardian 'new bands' article from August, you have to check it here. "Dilla goes Detroit" may be quote of the year :D

Detroit Falls 
Crossed Out 
On & On 
Dummy Mix 

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