Monday, 29 March 2010

Mr Oizo - remember him?

This appeared on twitter and although I don't normally just post up anything I've just seen, I thought this was a bit odd. 

this short film has NOTHING TO SELL, I just did it for NO REASON, with some very good friends. don't ask me why.. don't expect any music.

WHERE'S THE MONEY GEORGE ? from oizo mr on Vimeo.

Maybe this was his peak - here with Whitney as mixed by Basement Jaxx

Rihanna remixed

I'm not ashamed to admit that when I heard Rihanna's latest single, Rude Boy (the one where she is 'riding' a lion in the video), I thought it was actually pretty good, if a slight rip off of what M.I.A has been doing for years, but that a good remix could really bring it out a bit more. Thankfully Loose Cannons and Lady Chann thought the same. 

Download it here: 

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Songs of Praise 28.3.10

Sunday, Sunday as the Mamas and Papas didn't sing, means it must be time for Songs Of Praise. To mark the 6 month anniversary of Colin starting Songs Of Praise, I thought I'd do a celebratory mix. I then scrapped that and just threw this lot together.

There seemed to be quite a few people (including one or two new fans) out there listening live this week so thank you as ever - feedback, good or bad is also welcomed.

I wouldn't really say this alternative version of the Charles Wright and the 103rd Street Band classic sums up the show but it was picked up on by one or two people so I thought I'd stick this one up. Download here:
Listen again:

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Songs of Praise 14.3.10

This week's show goes out to Matt The Good who birthday party I imagined I was soundtracking tonight. Inspired by his Speakerbox shows on Monday evenings, I tried to mix up a bit of house, dubstep, grime with a few special birthday messages from a couple of surprise guests!

Thanks also to Paula from GrooveparlorTV for dropping the knowledge on Parris Mitchell's Ghetto Shout Out!; the history on projects and the clubs that have long since closed and been torn down.
Download the track here: 

Listen again to the whole show here:
Or download here:
Spaceinvader FM Songs Of Praise 14.3.10 by paulr

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Noise / Echo / Noise / Dub / Noise / Ruined / Noise

I started messing around with a few FX in ableton a quite a few weeks ago and found it made some strange, interesting little variations and on a couple of tracks worked quite well. I think I overdid it a bit on all of these and there are some very mixed results - a couple of them came out a lot better than others I think. I wasn't really planning on putting them up, they really just started off as tests for me to see what was possible with a bit of messing around. Then a couple of weeks ago Benjamin Semtek asked if I had done anything recently after using his "Bells" accapella in a track last year in another early experiement so that motivated me to attempt a couple more tracks.  Anyway, as ever, feedback / advice is always appreciated.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Songs of Praise 28.2.10

Another slight disaster this week at Songs of Praise HQ - you know we would be semi professionals if we were semi professional. Anyway, you would never guess the behind the scenes mess from listening to the show (as long as you didn't listen live that is), so sit back, relax and then realise this isn't one of Colin's downbeat shows but 2 hours of pounding techno. Enjoy!
Couldn't really pick out a popular track this week as no-one was able to hear very much of it so I have chosen to highlight a Levon Vincent cut as I had about 3 of his in this one mix. Download 'The Medium Is The Message' - actually the first track of his I picked up from a Hard Wax list and (wrongly) assumed he must be German.