Friday, 31 December 2010

Songs Of Praise New Years Eve Special 31.12.10 with Paul Riley and Marbert

From 10pm see in the New Year with Songs Of Praise – 3 hours of disco, funk, soul and house. Every track is a special (re)edit / extension by king of the edits Marbert aka The Mighty Mystery Man from Vatican City or Rod from Lancaster.

Parliament - P Funk
Leo Sunship - Back For More
Sister Sledge - Thinking Of You
Gwen McCrae - Doin' It
Roberta Flack - Lovin' You
Scritti Politti - Wood Beez
Kashif - Stoned Love
Steven Dante - Give It Up For Love (Instrumental)
Richard J Smith - Baby's Gotta Another Love
The Reddings - You're The Only One (Extended Re-arrangement) 
Jean Carne - Was That All It Was?
Futura - Feelin' Hot (Dub)
The Jacksons - Forever
Stephanie Mills - Pilot Error
The Nick Straker Band - A Little Bit Of Jazz (Shep Pettibone Remix)
Sapphire - Make Love to The Music
Chic - I Feel Your Love Comin' On
Yazoo - Situation
Pockets - Come Go With Me
Liz Torres - Send Me Up Higher
Robinson Wall Project - Family Prayer
Mission Control - Outta Limits 
David Morris - Somebody You'd Love To Love
Teddy Pendergrass & Stephanie Mills - Take Me In Your Arms Tonight
George Duke - Party Down
Gino Soccio - Remember
Fresh and Low - Going Away
Tavares - Only Takes A Minute
Grace Jones - Private Life (Instrumental)
Marvin Gaye - Midnight 
Archie Bell & The Drells - When The Party's Over

Friday, 24 December 2010

2010 : Heroes of the year Number 1

Consistently brilliant all year. Every single thing he touched, his own tracks either as Ramadanman or Pearson Sound, the remixes, collaborations - I loved the lot. I heard him on Rinse play a set with Joy Orbison a few weeks ago and he was pulling all kinds of deep stuff - Chicago house and Detroit techno. I couldn't get enough. Hessle Audio put out even more great stuff from James Blake, Blawan and of course Pangaea and both Ramadanman and Pearson Sound themselves.

I almost hope that in 2011 we don't see him moving into album territory as his productions are just so good as stand alone moments, it might shatter my illusions if an lp didn't quite work. Maybe production on someone else's albums in the style of Burial working with Jamie Woon or maybe he will take the James Blake / Darkstar / Mount Kimbie blueprint of taking the dubstep album off into new and uncharted territory. Or hopefully he'll just smash everyone again with another handful of absolute bangers.

Basically these are all the songs I have loved this year:

Your Words Matter 
More Than You Know 
Grab Somebody 
I Beg You 
A Couple More Years 
Work Them
Void 23 (Carl Craig Edit) 
Night Air 
Blue Eyes 
It Takes A Muscle 

Thursday, 23 December 2010

2010 : Heroes of the year Number 2

Album of the year, some of the best singles and remixes of the year, great dj sets plus a record label going from strength to strength and yet despite me giving him the title this time last year on basically two songs, this time around Kieran Hebden slips down to number two.

Angel Echoes 
Sing (Floating Points Remix) 
Africa Drug (Four Tet Remix) 
Matthew And Toby (Four Tet Remix) 
Stick To My Side (Four Tet Remix) 
VCR (Four Tet Remix) 
FACT mix 

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

2010 : Heroes of the year Number 3

Now today I can exactly pinpoint to the second that I consciously first heard my record of the year - the 7th May. See the Thunderloops show below to relive the moment.

I knew the name through the Untold remix from the back end of '09 and the earlier releases on Hemlock but it was still a huge slap in the face - it really was a stop everything what you are doing and shout to everyone this is the greatest thing since sliced bread type moment. To say I like it is a slight understatement yes.

The follow up tracks and remixes, especially the one for Mount Kimbie and the bootleg Harmonimix release just sealed his place as genius status in my eyes. He really didn't make a single duff note for me this year.  

If the new lp isn't my record of 2011 then I can only assume the second coming is happening next year.

Just one final thing - how good have R&S been this year? Where on Earth did that come from? 20 years on from buying everything on sight, Energy Flash, Dominator, Plastic Dreams, Aphex Twin and CJ Boland  to today again buying everything by Pariah, Space Dimension Controller, Untold, Model 500 back again and of course James Blake. I for one definitely did not see that one coming!

Tell Her Safe 
Limit To Your Love 
Stop What You're Doing 
A Milli 
Bills Bills Bills 

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

2010 : Heroes of the year Number 4

I think it came through one of Bake and All Caps ustreams early in the year when I first heard one of my favourite records of the year, Pariah's Orpheus. It was an odd one because every review I read about him around the time always talked about the Dilla-esque other side (turns out actually the a-side) whereas I was hooked on the Thelma Houston sampling garage track on the flip.

The same happened with the follow-up double pack, The Safehouses EP, which took in various styles a and really showed that there was a lot of breadth to this guy's talents from techno, electro and minimal, yet it was the 2step garage tracks that I really picked up on.

The Dummy mix from early in the summer showed that even as a relatively young lad at 21, he definitely knows his roots of garage and that he is a very accomplished dj as well as producer and as work for The XX and, here, Erykah Badu shows, remixer as well.

If you missed the classic Guardian 'new bands' article from August, you have to check it here. "Dilla goes Detroit" may be quote of the year :D

Detroit Falls 
Crossed Out 
On & On 
Dummy Mix 

Monday, 20 December 2010

2010 : Heroes of the year Number 5

Second year running that Mark Pritchard has cracked the top 5 of the heroes list, again by just releasing (or is some cases still not releasing) just a few absolute gems.

Blen and How Does It Make You Feel as Africa HiTec, the bass rattling Elephant Dub and the 'oh that's where he sampled it' jazzy Heavy As Stone were all classics which I'm sure will go down amongst his already long list of very best work. Then in October when he guest hosted a show for Rinse, not only did he remind us all what a great dj he is (though I'm not sure anyone was under any other illusion) but he unleashed another monster us and once again adding another genre to the list - the juke anthem Out In The Street.

How Does It Make You Feel 
Too Late 
Heavy As Stone 
Elephant Dub 
Rinse FM Show 

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Songs Of Praise 19.12.10 Best Of 2010 with Paul Riley and Cubikmusik

Last year we said that an extended 3 hour show wasn't enough to cover our Best Of the year so this time we are taking over the station for the whole day! Join us from 8am til 8pm.

Samoyed - Message From The East (Lost In Translation)
Autechre - Ilanders
Autechre - Etchogon-S
Golau Glau - Unluted
The Black Dog - M1
Balam Acab - See Birds (Sun)
Four Tet - Angel Echoes (Jon Hopkins Remix)
Scuba - Descent
Mount Kimbie - Adriatic
8Bitch - Orpheus
Actress - Futureproofing
Autechre - D-sho Qub
Darkstar - In The Wings
Marcel Dettmann - Quasi (Intro)
Gold Panda - Same Dream China
Foals - Spanish Sahara (Mount Kimbie Remix)
Bob Holroyd - African Drug (Four Tet Remix)
Commix - Be True (Burial Remix)
Sigha - Light Swells (In A Distant Space) (Original Mix)
Oneohtrix Point Never - Describing Bodies
Shackleton - Man On A String Part 1 And 2
Lorn - Cherry Moon
Pangaea - Because Of You
Mark Pritchard - Elephant Dub
Mount Kimbie - Maybes (James Blake Remix)
Seefeel - Faults
Brian Eno - Emerald & Lime
Caribou - Sun
Darkstar - Gold
James Blake - I Only Know (What I Know Now)
Jamie Woon - Night Air (Ramadanman Refix)
Matthew Dear - Slowdance
Actress - Maze
Pantha du Prince - Stick To My Side (Four Tet Version)
Rocketnumbernine - Matthew And Toby (Four Tet Remix)
Pinch - Croydon House
Skudge - Convolution
Ciara - Ride (Buckmaster Intro Edit)
Mosca - Square One (Roska remix)
Kode9 - You Don't Wash (Dub)
Pangaea - 5-HTP
Pearson Sound - Blanked
Peverelist - Better Ways Of Living
Endgames - Ecstacy (Jam City Refix)
T++ - Cropped
Benga - Your Band (Descending)
Girl Unit - Showstoppa
DJ Nate - Get Off Me (Betta Get Back)
DJ Darkness - Go Fuck Your Mother 
DJ Nate - Ima Burn Him
DJ Nate - FootWurk King
DJ Killa E - Conan Juke (Suidcide Intro)
DJ Nate - Where Yo Hops At (Mix)
Mark Pritchard - Out In The Street
Addison Groove - Footcrab
Addison Groove - Dumbshit
Digital Mystikz - Education
Digital Mystikz - Eyez
Donae'o - Riot Music (Skream! Remix)
Kingdom - Mind Reader (feat. Shyvonne) (L-Vis1990 Remix)
Destiny's Child - Bills Bills Bills (Harmonimix Remix)
Piece of Shh... - Diablo Riddim (Original mix)
2562 - SOS
Joy Orbison - So Derobe
iTAL tEK - Moment In Blue (FaltyDL Remix)
Martyn - Friedrichstrasse
Fauxhemian - Spectral Funk
Ramadanman - Grab Somebody
Floating Points - People's Potential 
Actress - Machine And Voice
Space Dimension Controller - Transatlantic Landing Bay
Kyle Hall - Must See
Ramadanman & Midland - Your Words Matter
Four Tet - Plastic People
Skudge - Convolution
Wax - 30003A
Wax - 30003B
Boddika - Syn Chron
Joy Orbison - The Shrew Would Have Cushioned the Blow
Boddika - Boddika's House
Sepalcure - Love Pressure (Original Mix)
Floating Points Ensemble - Almost In Profile
Aloe Blacc - Mama Hold My Hand
Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar
Erykah Badu - Window Seat
John Legend and The Roots - Hang On In There 
The Roots - Doin It Again
The Roots - The Day (Feat. Blu, Phonte, Patty Crash)
Rick Ross - Maybach Music III (feat. T.I., Jadakiss & Erykah Badu)
Kanye West - Devil In A New Dress
Erykah Badu feat. Lil Wayne & Bilal - Jump In The Air (Stay There)
Jay Electronica - Exhibit C
Jay Electronica - Exhibit C (Hasan Insane Remix) feat. Nas
Jay Electronica - The Announcement
Andreya Triana - Draw The Stars
Stac - Glory (Greymatter remix)
Bonobo - Eyesdown Featuring Andreya Triana (Floating Points Remix)
Gold Panda - Snow & Taxis
Andreya Triana - Lost Where I Belong (Flying Lotus Remix)
Flying Lotus - Dance of the Pseudo Nymph
Flying Lotus - Do the Astral Plane
Janelle Monáe - Dance Or Die (Feat. Saul Williams)
M.I.A. - XXXO (Remix) (Feat. Jay-Z) 
Trina Featuring Lil' Wayne - Don't Trip (WeezyTrina 8bitch Booty)
Paul White - And Nico
M.I.A. - Believer (Feat. Blaqstarr)
Jono McCleery - Tomorrow (Edit)
Gil Scott-Heron - I'll Take Care of You
James Blake - Limit to Your Love
Darkstar - Dear Heartbeat
Eddie Hooper - Tomorrow's Sun
Bonobo - Eyesdown ft. Andreya Triana (Floating Points Remix)
Andreya Triana - Lost Where I Belong
José James & Dj Mitsu The Beats - Promise In Love
Grooveman Spot - Affection (feat. Ahu)
Swede:Art 0 Linguistics feat. Stray (B. Bravo Remix)
Letherette - Blad
Ghostpoet - Love Confusion
Quadron - Average Fruit
Vanilla - Chrometrails
Erykah Badu - Strawberry Incense (prod. Madlib)
Dimlite - Can't Get Used To Those (Afterlude)
Roods Manuva:
Intro - Some Youtube Video
Phil Ade - The Bridge - PromiseMy Story
Trife Diesel - Trifecta
Black EL - The Jam (feat Jelani)
Boog Brown - Friends Like These (feat Kam Moye)
Bun B - Let 'Em Know
Wu Tang vs The Beatles - Da Mystery of Chessboxin
AZ - The Calm
The Roots - Doin' It Again
Jay-Z & Richcraft - Song Cry
The ILLZ - Illytal (Portishead Remix)
Ghostface, Raekwon & Method Man - Smooth Sailing (feat Solomon Childs & Streetlife)
Consequence - Bearer of Bad News
Talib Kweli - Palooka
Little Brother feat Big Daddy Kane - Welcome to Durham (Surock Remix)
Raekwon - Luther (feat Capone-N-Noreaga)
K Sparks - Blue Swing (feat Gripz, Beyond Belief, Logic & Jabee)
J. Cole - Relaxation (feat Omen & Fawshawn)
Golau Glau - Seasonal Praise Mix:
Leonard Bernstein - Carol of the Bells
Hem - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Mahalia Jackson - Go Tell It On The Mountain
Golau Glau - Foolstide
Ella Fitzgerald - What Are You Doing New Years Eve? (Mangini VS. Pallin Mix)
John Donnelly & Sons - Unto Us A Boy Was Born
Paul Mauriat Orchestra And Chorus - Three Angels Have Come This Evening
Golau Glau - O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
Carla Thomas - All I Want For Christmas Is You
Videocraft Chorus - We Are Santa's Elves
Hugo Strasser und sein Tanzorchester - Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen
The Knickerbockers - I Want a Girl for Christmas
Waterson:Carthy - Sugar Wassail
Jake Thackray - Remember Bethlehem
Golau Glau - Stolen By Sailors
Paul’s Top 10:
Four Tet - Sing (Extended Mix)
Roska - I Need Love feat. Anesha
Deadboy - Unofficial Girl
Deadboy - If U Want Me
Africa HiTech - Blen
Ramadanman - Work Them
Ramadanman - Glut
Girl Unit - Wut
Pariah - Orpheus
James Blake - CMYK
Svetlana Allstars Mix:
Piece Of Shh:
Sun Ra feat. Ebah - I Am Gonna Unmask The Batman
Young MC - Non Stop
Moka Only - Star Fish
Montgomery Clunk - Murder
Mosca - Nike
Roska - Squark
Piece of Shh - C'mon dub (Unreleased)
F - Energy Distortion (Untold rmx)
Horsepower Productions - Open Up Your Eyes
Cardopusher - It's Yesterday Already (Original Mix)
Fantastic Mr. Fox - Over
JJ - And Now
Andrea 3000:
Maddslinky - Special (MJ Cole's Back To The Future Remix)
Supra 1 - Still Believe ft. Amy Douglas (L-Vis 1990 Remix Dub)
Emalkay - Crusader (Levels)
Mz Bratt - Selecta (prod. by Redlight)
Rude Kid - Jack Daniels (Instrumental)
Doctor P - Sweet Shop ft. P-Money (Come Follow Me Mix)
TRC - Skipping Rope
Virgo - Home Alone 
Ludacris - How Low (Sticky K rmx)
Starkey - Rain City
Wiley - Electric Boogaloo (Hud Mo Remix)
Nicky Minaj ft Kanye West - Blazin
Rustie - Massive Resmak
Bassick - Digital Balkan Bwouy 
Terror Danjah - Sidechain
Mister Ries - Psycho
Rashad - In Da Club
Rashad - Roy Ayers Show
Clicks & Whistles - When I Feel (Cedaa remix)
LONE - Taking Off and Landing