Saturday, 31 July 2010

DJs in PJs Part 4

Another Saturday, another dj in their pjs. I see we (I say we, my contribution is minimal at best really) even made the mixcloud blog this week!
Anyway, check it out below. Big up to Vlada for an excellent set and remember to check his site here.
My choices were both 90s reggae classics for the man like Cubikmusik's birthday; our combined love of Chaka Demus and Pliers being what brought us together in the first place. Download my other choice, the carnival classic Heads High below.

Download: Mr Vegas - Heads High

Finally, a bit of a strange request - can anyone help out this guy please?

...I am following Songs of Praise for quite some time now. ...i am writing you about a particular set, the 6.6.10 one. i keep listeing to that set over and over again, it's truely one of the best house/deep sets i've heard. is there any place in the intraweb where i can download it and enjoy it without being connected? 

Anyone kept that classic and can help out, drop me a line please.  This is sorted now, thanks

Monday, 26 July 2010

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Underworld Ambient Reconstruction

A little something I knocked together after hearing some very interesting work by @ambienteer Check his stuff here

Songs of Praise 25.7.10

Seems a bit strange doing a whole show with a planned vibe and without a guest - been a while since I've done one like this. Anyway, listen again below and as there were a couple of tracks which got picked up on by the audience, I've pulled one out of the hat for a little download.
Download: Carrie Cleveland - I Need Love 

Saturday, 24 July 2010

DJs in PJs Part 3

It's Saturday so it can only mean it's time for another djs in pjs session, this week with Trust In Dust taking responsibilities to blend (now up to) 30 odd random tracks into a coherent set for the early morning ravers.
Check the whole set below and beneath are my two choices this week; Earl Zinger and Troubleman.
Earl Zinger - Saturday Morning Rush 
Troubleman - Have A Good Time 

Friday, 23 July 2010

FFRR Part 5

Let's finish off the series of FFRR posts with a bang! Put on your dancing shoes, its Friday night (well it might be when you're reading this - if not, pretend) and the weekend starts here:

Nightwriters - Let The Music Use You 
Sterling Void - Runaway Girl 
Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling (Feel My Bicep Edit) 
Lil Louis and The World - French Kiss 
Zero B - Lock Up 

Thursday, 22 July 2010

FFRR Part 4

Everyone should already own at least half a dozen mixes of Inner City Life / Timeless through its various guises that have been on the single, the remix single, the album, the re-edit etc. So instead I thought I'd give you something different; firstly the shortest mix of it which I always liked Paul Oakenfold's use of in the Goa mix - the beatless last bit and then just for fun, a little mix I did as my very first attempts at using ableton when I first heard of Sbtrk's remix but hadn't actually heard it, I used the vocals again from the end of the track with some grime beats. Do not take this too seriously!

Goldie - Inner City Life (Paul's Oakenfold inspired edit) 

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

FFRR Part 3

Another classic that Pete Tong picked up re-released and made a hit. I'm not sure he was great at finding records that weren't already released but when he put them out with the FFRR stamp on, they usually went on to bigger and better things.

Download: Orbital - Chime (12" Mix) 

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

FFRR Part 2

Part two of an as yet undecided length of series of posts on FFRR and today its a bit of hip hop from Salt-N-Pepa's 1987 breakthrough single. I guess this was signed due to the Oakenfold / Champion records connection. Just avoid all the remixes / re-issues, none are a patch on the original mix

Download: Salt-N-Pepa - Push It

Monday, 19 July 2010

FFRR Part 1

Inspired by Cubikmusik's show last night dropping a bit of jungle including different mix of Leviticus - Burial than I knew, I thought I'd go back and take a look at one of the influential labels of my youth. As I've said before Pete Tong, FFRR, the essential selection and essential mix were my introduction many of the djs, artists and styles of dance music that I still listen to today. Even though I guess it must be about 4 or 5 years since I last listened properly to the show ie when the sound went too far towards commercial (I know the whole point of the show was about breaking tracks that eventually became mainstream but still) I still like catching bits of it if I'm out and its on. Really though, he probably should have quit the show around the same time the label went in the early '00s. I preferred it when the show and to the same extent the label covered everything from house, rave, jungle, hip hop, downbeat and all point in between.
So over the next few days I'll pick out a few personal favourites from across the styles, all of them will of course be big hits but that was kind of the point of the label I guess.
Download: Leviticus - Burial (Chronic 1 Edit) 

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Raphael Saadiq Appreciation Society

I had a bit of a Raphael Saadiq love-in with Orsii on twitter the other day so I thought I'd carry it on here too. Enjoy!

Download: Tony! Toni! Toné! - I Couldn't Keep It To Myself 

I also used that track in this 90s r'n'b mix from last year which might be worth re-evaluating.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

News Round

Just a bit of tidying up some stuff since yesterday, Firstly I tried my hand a another tester type of mix that has a few good ideas in, give it a go if you're interested in garage / uk funky / grime etc.
Secondly, DJs In PJs Part 2, the only way to start a Saturday morning since Going Live finished, was today taken over by Matt McArthur of Motherchip. Listen to that here.
Finally, just a link to one of my two tracks in that mix (the other being G'n'R!), an extended edit of the Love Unlimited Orchestra classic Under The Influence Of Love. Check that here.
Hopefully that should keep you busy for a little while

Friday, 16 July 2010

Svetlana Shortcast and other bits of news

Price of popularity? Vote rigging? More fans than they actually realised? God only knows how but the new(ish) series of podcasts from Svetlana Industries which kicked off with Teebs last week raced up to the top of the mixcloud charts after just one day. Forthcoming mixes from Lukid, Hovatron and Dem Hunger will undoubtedly prove just as popular as the 20 - 30 minute time limit sets it apart from most other mixes; not too much to take in in one go but more than enough to keep dipping back in for repeated listens.
Listen here:
Second bit of news that has leaked out of Svetlana HQ is a free album which seems a very fair price considering its exclusive tracks by Teebs, 8Bitch, Jackhigh, 1000names. Basically, the kind of thing I would more than readily pay for and still think I was getting the deal of the day. Keep your eyes peeled, it apparently should be out in about a week.

By the way, and this won't be on any pr release, but seriously, Toby and Andrea are really up there as two of my favourite djs at the moment with their shows on spaceinvader. I seem to spend every Thursday night with a pen and paper on standby for my weekend shopping list as Andrea plays a ton of grime / UK funky / dubstep that are pretty much all on my 'NEEDS' list and Toby, well he was the first dj to play my record of the year so far, CMYK, but there isn't really too much overlap in their playlists. I'm sure he would laugh at the notion but Toby seems to come from the same school of thought for putting radio shows together as John Peel - what might on paper appear to be jarring genres make sense, upfront unreleased tracks next to long lost no-hit wonders, the softest, most beautiful piece of abstract electronica followed soon after by the noisiest racket you've heard of some chopped up Amen break from '92.

So once you've subscribed to the shortcasts mixes, you also need to catch up on the previous Thunderloops shows which are also now streaming through itunes. Andrea's shows can be caught up on her mixcloud page.

Anyway, pretty much follow everything this lot are on at the moment, they don't seem able to put a foot wrong. See and I haven't even mentioned the next vinyl releases from Piece Of Shhh with a Zomby remix (his first in God only knows how long) and eventually a proper vinyl release for some 8Bitch material, although I have now come to accept that I'll probably be drawing my pension by then.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Happy birthday to Mr Beatnick!

Happy birthday to Mr Beatnick! Today he did a Wiley and gave away a stack of unreleased (and some released) tracks in some sort of a reverse birthday gift to the world. Grab them here. For a little more stuff, check out again NBN's Heroes of '09 post.

So to chose a track for the day. Well I know Nick is a big fan of jungle and old hip hop so to combine these two loves it has to be something by The Jungle Brothers - no not that d'n'b remix because thats a bit crap in comparison to the original.

Download: The Jungle Brothers - Jimbrowski

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Northern By Northern Soul

Wow, yesterdays post seems to have been (probably un)surprisingly popular - I will stick some more bit off that album up soon then. But enough Theo for a moment, lets have a bit of northern today.  It was a toss up between this and some Doris Troy - add that to the list of 'one day' so thats more Theo Parrish, The Roots, some d'n'b, krautrock that actually rocks and now Doris Troy. What a list!
Anyway to (finally) get back to today, how about Judy Street - What. Just be careful of the talc!

Download: Judy Street - What 

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Theo Parrish Part 2

As promised something a little older from Theo Parrish. From the 2004 album 'Natural Aspirations' with the collective The Rotating Assembly which I think was only released in US and Japan (my copy is the Japanese and looking on discogs, there doesn't seem to have been a UK release). I have chosen a bit of nice deep house although some of the cuts on the album aren't really as house-y as you might expect, I'll have to put up something else from it again soon.
Download: The Rotating Assembly - Split Me Open 

Monday, 12 July 2010

Theo Parrish Part 1

I saw some twitter debate before on which is the best Theo track. Well for me it has to be..... nah it's far too tricky to pick just one. I'm going to stick an older one up tomorrow but just to get you in the mood, from '08 Sound Sculpture lp.
Download: Theo Parrish - The Rink

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Songs of Praise 11.7.10 with Golau Glau

For tonight's show we had the honour of an exclusive first ever mix from Golau Glau. From their site
We are special guests of the Songs of Praise (not that one) crew on their Space Invader FM show Sunday night between 6-8pm BST. Our first ever mix will be streaming from, so we advise you tune in. Expect lots of Golau Glau silverpop, some of our remixes, a few tunes we’ve been enjoying recently and some exclusives – brand new material from us, including a long-awaited collaboration. Sneak preview time.


Golau Glau - A Better Drinker
Golau Glau - Held 
Golau Glau - Neuro 
TEETH - See Spaces (Golau Glau's See Silver Mix)
ESKMO - We Have Invisible Friends
Golau Glau - Unluted
Frankie & The Heartstrings - Hunger (Golau Glau Remix)
Golau Glau - A Tragic Error
Jun Ishikawa, Hirokazu Ando - Green Greens
Golau Glau - Virtual Boy 
Clock Opera - White Noise (Golau Glau Remix)
Golau Glau - This Will Be Our Year (Zombies cover)
Gyratory System - Yowser Yowser Yowser (Golau Glau Remix)
Golau Glau - Snap 
Gold Panda - Casio Daisy
The Choc Ices - Sweet Shop (demo)
worriedaboutsatan - Pissing About (Golau Glau Remix)
Golau Glau - Dead Air
Crystal Fighters - I Love London (Golau Glau Remix)
Golau Glau - La Dame Blanche 
White Noise - Love Without Sound
Golau Glau - Summer Games
Golau Glau - Placer Hush
Paul Thomas Saunders - Getting Loose With The Obtuse
Golau Glau - Time In A Bottle (Jim Croce cover)
Golau Glau - KBr For JCP* 
Golau Glau - Minnow Wait*
The Advisory Circle & Golau Glau - Shuli (Kosmische)*
Shelby Flint - Tomorrow Is Another Day
Golau Glau - A Better Drinker (Blue Daisy Snow Angel Mix)

**Competition to win a one-off copy of the mix on tape** 
GG said:
We like to write tunes about real things that interest us - we've written about Joe Meek, the Profumo Affair, brains, Michael Jackson's games room, hydraulic mining, teenaged Belgian spies, elections, North Korean breweries and more. We research these topics (not just Wikipedia) and get really into them. How about people suggest something that might be of interest to us to write our next track about and we pick the most interesting/crazy?

Please leave suggestions in the comments on mixlcoud.  If you can't use the tape, play along but don't take it off someone who might enjoy using it. At the end of the day, it's just a couple of C60s, its great music but you can hear it here.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

DJs in PJs

This morning, Colin Cubikmusik began a new twitter / mixcloud trend of Saturday morning DJs in PJs. You can hear the mix below; the tracks I submitted will be pretty obvious as they are ones I've put up here this week.
Anyway, the track which stood out to me was something new to me (although it has already been released) as chosen by Trust In Dust. Sampling one of my favourite tracks of all time, The Astro Trax Team - The Vibe, it is Sepalcure with Love Pressure, out now on Hotflush. It reminded me a lot of James Blake CMYK the way it uses just snippets of the vocal, enough to be recognisable from its orignal source but completely different with it.

Download:  Sepalcure - Love Pressure

Friday, 9 July 2010

Techno Techno Techno Techno... erm, Classical?

I've put up two slightly different mixes up on mixcloud - one techno; Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Ben Klock etc, and the other of classical and modern classical pieces; Bach, Reich, Glass etc.
Check them both out below:
The only tracks I could think of which might link these two disparate genres was Carl Craig (yes I know we only had him on the other day but you can never have enough of his stuff) with Moritz von Oswald reworking Ravel and Mussorgsky on their Recomposed album from 2008.

Download: Carl Craig and Moritz von Oswald - Recomposed (Villalobos "Uli, Mein Ponyhof" Remix)