Friday, 16 July 2010

Svetlana Shortcast and other bits of news

Price of popularity? Vote rigging? More fans than they actually realised? God only knows how but the new(ish) series of podcasts from Svetlana Industries which kicked off with Teebs last week raced up to the top of the mixcloud charts after just one day. Forthcoming mixes from Lukid, Hovatron and Dem Hunger will undoubtedly prove just as popular as the 20 - 30 minute time limit sets it apart from most other mixes; not too much to take in in one go but more than enough to keep dipping back in for repeated listens.
Listen here:
Second bit of news that has leaked out of Svetlana HQ is a free album which seems a very fair price considering its exclusive tracks by Teebs, 8Bitch, Jackhigh, 1000names. Basically, the kind of thing I would more than readily pay for and still think I was getting the deal of the day. Keep your eyes peeled, it apparently should be out in about a week.

By the way, and this won't be on any pr release, but seriously, Toby and Andrea are really up there as two of my favourite djs at the moment with their shows on spaceinvader. I seem to spend every Thursday night with a pen and paper on standby for my weekend shopping list as Andrea plays a ton of grime / UK funky / dubstep that are pretty much all on my 'NEEDS' list and Toby, well he was the first dj to play my record of the year so far, CMYK, but there isn't really too much overlap in their playlists. I'm sure he would laugh at the notion but Toby seems to come from the same school of thought for putting radio shows together as John Peel - what might on paper appear to be jarring genres make sense, upfront unreleased tracks next to long lost no-hit wonders, the softest, most beautiful piece of abstract electronica followed soon after by the noisiest racket you've heard of some chopped up Amen break from '92.

So once you've subscribed to the shortcasts mixes, you also need to catch up on the previous Thunderloops shows which are also now streaming through itunes. Andrea's shows can be caught up on her mixcloud page.

Anyway, pretty much follow everything this lot are on at the moment, they don't seem able to put a foot wrong. See and I haven't even mentioned the next vinyl releases from Piece Of Shhh with a Zomby remix (his first in God only knows how long) and eventually a proper vinyl release for some 8Bitch material, although I have now come to accept that I'll probably be drawing my pension by then.

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