Saturday, 3 July 2010

Happy birthday Paula and Matthew!

Yesterdays choice of Kim English with a MAW remix was actually, by complete fluke, an even better choice than I first realised. Today is the birthday for two good friends, Paula Harris of Grooveparlor TV out of Chicago (as is Kim English) and Matthew McDonald of No Requests from New York (just like Masters At Work - see, genius!)
Anyway, to mark the day I had to put a little something together for them (much cheaper easier than sending that really expensive present I had lined up for each of them :)) so I thought of doing a little mix for Paula of all my (and hopefully her) Chi-town favourites.
And for Matthew, well unfortunately I did not realise it was his birthday until today but I'm sure he would appreciate me dedicating this one to him and his home town. 
Download: Odyssey - Native New Yorker 

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