Saturday, 10 July 2010

DJs in PJs

This morning, Colin Cubikmusik began a new twitter / mixcloud trend of Saturday morning DJs in PJs. You can hear the mix below; the tracks I submitted will be pretty obvious as they are ones I've put up here this week.
Anyway, the track which stood out to me was something new to me (although it has already been released) as chosen by Trust In Dust. Sampling one of my favourite tracks of all time, The Astro Trax Team - The Vibe, it is Sepalcure with Love Pressure, out now on Hotflush. It reminded me a lot of James Blake CMYK the way it uses just snippets of the vocal, enough to be recognisable from its orignal source but completely different with it.

Download:  Sepalcure - Love Pressure

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