Sunday, 25 April 2010

If you dont like reggae or hip hop dont bother with songs of praise this week. if you do, listen again below:

Tracks that sparked a bit of interest were Steve Reid but I had that up last week so the other one was Carlton & The Shoes - Love Me Forever. Download: 

Sophia George - Girlie Girlie 
Barrington Levy - Under Mi Sensi
Phyllis Dillon - The Love That A Woman Should Give A Man
Susan Cadogan - Hurt So Good
U-Roy - Dynamic Fashion Way
Lee "Scratch" Perry - Disco Devil
Sharon Forrester - Silly Wasn't I
Horace Andy - Skylarking
Carlton & The Shoes - Love Me Forever
Dennis Brown - Things In Life
Hugh Roy Junior - Let's Make Love
Susan Cadogan  - Fever
Jean Adebambo - Paradise
King Tubby - Fathers Call (Drum & Bass)
Alton Ellis - I'm Just A Guy
King Tubby - A Rougher Version
Desmond Dekker & The Aces - 007 (Shanty Town)
Mos Def - History Town (Mos Dub)
Special Ed - I'm The Magnificent
Steinski - Voice Mail
Chris Morris - Radio 1 show clip
Public Enemy - Give It Up
Busy Boys - That's The Flavor
Most Wanted - Good Old Days
Cool Breeze - Cre-A-Tine (Instrumental)
Busy Boys - Renita
Lil Wayne - Fuck You (Instrumental)
The Brothers - You Can't Win
Ruthless Rod & MC Dollar - In The Groove
Frozen Explosion - Mac Nife
M.C. Price & D.J. Double Trouble - Price Is Right
Gang Starr - Check The Technique
Gang Starr - What You Want This Time
Gang Starr -  The Squeeze (Acapella)
Gang Starr - Gotch U (Hunter Mix)
Gang Starr - Cause And Effect
Gang Starr - Just To Get A Rep (Acapella)
Steve Reid Ensemble - Lions Of Juda

Listen again:

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Ellie Cubikmusik

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Colin Cubikmusik on the birth of their first daughter, Ellie, this evening. Here's just a little something the news inspired me to do.

RIP Guru

It seems like every other post recently has been about the sad loss of another legend.

Read DJ Premier's full post here 

Ignore anything that has come out supposedly from Guru recently as false and just remember the anthems of Gang Starr and Jazzamatazz.

I know most people might chose Mass Appeal, Step In The Arena but I've picked a track because by coincidence I had this album with me in the car just yesterday and when this track came on I had to give it a quick rewind. The classic combination of a Premier beat and Guru's more thought provoking lyrics. Gang Starr forever!

Download: Check The Technique

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Songs of Praise 18.4.10 with Paul Riley and Jonny Miller

The first in a short series of special guest mixes on Songs Of Praise comes from Jonny Miller. Hour one is a selection of my favourite tracks he has re-edited and in hour 2, he takes us back to 80's pop, "the right side of 80 pop that is, lol..." he assured me!

Paul's mix of Jonny Miller Edits:
The Clash - Mustapha (Re-Edit)
Radiohead - Everything In The Right Place (JM edit)
Funkadelic - One Nation Under... (JM re-edit)
A Certain Ratio - Kether Hot Kneves Pt.1 (JM FX edit)
Mos Def - Quiet Dog Bite Hard(er)
Fatback Band - I Found Lovin' (dub re-edit)
Talk Talk - Life's What U Re- Edit
Carly Simon - Why (JM Re-Edit)
People’s Choice - Cold Blooded (re-edit)
The Two Tons - Never Like This (re-edit)
Ohio Players - Pride and Vanity (Re-Edit)
Donna Summer - State Of Independence (JM 08 edit)

Jonny Miller - Quality pop music from the ninteen eighties mix:
Grace Jones - Slave To The Rhythm (Extended Version)
Carly Simon - Why (JM Extended Edit)
Citizen Kane - Tight / Run
Kajagoogoo - Too Shy (Midnight Mix)
Pet Shop Boys - Love Comes Quickly (Dub Mix)
Captain Sensible - Wot!
Level 42 - Children Say
Scritti Politti - Wood Beez (12" Mix)
The Police - When The World Is Running Down
Modern Romance - Can You Move
Joe jackson - Steppin Out

Listen again:

The biggest track of the night, which got played twice and brought back the memories of e-heads crying at 5am at some Blackburn Rave to blackclassical, was Carly Simon - Why (Jonny Miller Re-edit)
Download here:

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Warp Records

I have written a little about my love of Warp records before here, but I think in this digital day and age of all music being available from anywhere at any time on the internet, I just want to write a few words about how they are still pushing things forward through their bleep store.

Firstly, on a more general point, a few weeks ago they announced that any Warp vinyl release bought through their site would receive the mp3s for free, making the choice of vinyl or digital no choice at all.

I have also found them to give other very generous offers. I have just received this email about some bonus Flying Lotus prints for pre-ordering the album. Ok, I had already ordered it before knowing about this, so they didn't need to mention it to people like me. It was just a pleasant surprise.

On a personal note, last year when I ordered a record that went out of stock, they not only gave me my money back, but sent a limited edition Boards of Canada 12" in it's place. I was kind of stunned, to say the least!

I just think that in these tough times, when other bigger labels seem to be struggling to find their place with digital media, Warp should be held up as an example to follow. That's not even mentioning their exploits in film and clothing merchandise.

Download: Flying Lotus & Thom Yorke – “… And The World Laughs With You" 

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

RIP Steve Reid January 29, 1944 - April 13, 2010

It was with great shock and much sadness that I read of the death of Steve Reid this afternoon. 

Many people will write much more fitting tributes and recall their memories of the man but aside from a brief history to introduce him to anyone unfamiliar with his work, I would most like to talk about my own discovery of his music.

In the 60's and 70's he played with everytone from Martha and the Vandella's hits 'Heatwave' and 'Dancing In The Street' (aged 16!) to Sun Ra and Fela Kuti. He pretty much played with a whos-who of all the jazz names.

Inadvertently, I had been introduced to him without realising through the intro music on Gilles Peterson's Worldwide show for a number of years but my first time I really picked up on him was when he began working with Keiran Hebden. I don't really know how or why they met up, clearly Reid has been a huge influence of Four Tet's stuff but I wouldn't like to make assumptions as to how Reid was introduced to the stuttery, noisy, electronic sounds Four Tet had been making at the time.

Anyway, I picked up the album 'Spirit Walk' on this link with Four Tet working on a couple of the tracks and then it struck me 'Lions Of Juda', the track Peterson had been subliminally building me up to,  was now being reworked for someone like me - someone who needed the guiding hand into jazz, using modern producers to show the links and references.

They went on to record a few more albums together, specifically them tow jamming for most part, so nothing really opened my eyes and ears again as much as that eureka moment.

Lions Of Juda (from Spirit Walk)

For a more detailed history:

DFA records

I was speaking to someone the other day about DFA records and the forthcoming LCD Soundsystem album and it got me thinking about what my favourite DFA record was. Maybe it is just me, but I had kind of forgotten just how many great records and bands there are associated with the label: The Rapture, Hot Chip, Juan Maclean, Maurice Fulton as Syclops or from last year, the Todd Terje remix of Shit Robot.

It came down to a tough choice between the following though: Frankie Knuckles remix of Blind, Happy House, Harvey's remix of All My Friends or the one stand out winner.

Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom - Relevee (Carl Craig Remix). The 4 minute synth intro, the pounding middle, the piano, the beats, if it hadn't come out at the height of minimal techno, you would call it epic. (Indeed for the mml fans, Baby Ford's mix on the other delivered everything that was good about that scene).

Monday, 12 April 2010

J Rocc on Soundcloud

Just a quick heads up if you are not already following J Rocc of Stones Throw on soundcloud, you should be. On Friday night he put up an unreleased Madlib remix, last night two versions of James Brown mixes he has done and now this morning I have just seen another Dil Jackson track (remember that good Butterflies remix last year?).
However you have to be quick, the Madlib track was only up for 10 minutes and the James Brown is only a preview of a full mix coming soon so he will probably take that down soon too.

Remember (The) Maxx by jrocc

James Brown by jrocc

Peaches & Prunes (J.Rocc Edit) by jrocc

Songs of Praise 11.4.10

Best of 2010: Part 1 January - April

Following the huge success of the best of the year show me and Colin did last December, we thought we would do a few more collaborative special retrospective shows this year, approximately one every 4 months. This one is actually all my choices so if you are annoyed something is missing - blame me. Oh and Footcrab didn't make the cut. Because it's insane insane insane insane insane insane insane insane insane insane... Hopefully it shows that 2010 already has more quality than the gloomy, naysayers might have you believe.

Richard Skelton  - Voice of the Book
Tapes - Lab Sound 01
Mark Pritchard - Heavy As Stone
Pangaea - Because Of You 
Kuedo - Starfox
Greymatter - Believe In Something ft. Heidi Vogel (TRG Remix)
Zomby & Actress - Nothing
The Arcade - Dubchip
Krystal Klear - Since Then
Loops Haunt - Rubber Sun Grenade
Erykah Badu feat. Lil Wayne & Bilal - Jump In The Air (Stay There)
Trina Featuring Lil' Wayne - Don't Trip (WeezyTrina 8bitch booty)
Om Unit - Lightgrids
Shafiq Husayn - Evil Man (Flying Lotus Remix)
Bullion - Say Goodbye To What
Osborne - Afrika (Bullion Remix)
8Bitch - Orpheus
Floating Points - People's Potential
The XX - VCR (Matthew Dear remix)
Caribou - Odessa
Singing Statues - Off the Axis
Architeq - Mind Games (Samoyed Remix) 
Burial (feat. El-B) - 1
Bake - Onestly Unfinished4
DVA - Natty
Four Tet - Plastic People
Zomby - Galapogos
Scuba - Before
Teebs - Grannies Away Present
Fauxhemian - Nepenthe
Roska - I Need Love feat. Anesha
Joy Orbison - The Shrew Would Have Cushioned the Blow
Samoyed - Message From The East (Lost In Translation)
Lukid - Spiller
Autechre - D-sho Qub
Four Tet - Sing (Floating Points Remix)

Big news! Due to me and Colin both being busy for the next few weeks or so (well in Colin's case, for the next 18 years or so at least), starting next week we will have a few guests dropping mixes for us every other week. There are some interesting names lined-up so get your tapes, reel to reels and 8-tracks lined up for the keepers.

Download track from the show: DVA - Natty

Download the show (for a limited time)

  Songs Of Praise on Spaceinvaderfm 10.4.10 by paulr :

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sun Ra Batman Re-edit

I did this a bit of fun for an actually very interesting project blackclassical is running. Some people have liked it so I thought I would share it a little wider.

Sun Ra - Batman Theme (PR Edit) by paulr

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Mos Def Dubbed

Mighty Mos Def meets rockers uptown. Produced by the guy that brought us Jaydiohead, Max Tannone, its a very clever mix of classic reggae riddims and dubs with Mos Def accapellas. One particular favourite so far is History with Desmond Dekker & The Aces - 007 Shanty Town. Love that track! And is that Ms Fat Booty with Michael Prophet - You Are No Good? Works for me!

Erykah Edit

Found this rework of Erykah Badu's "Didn't Cha Know" on Soundcloud by graphic designer / part time remixer out of NYC, Matthew McDonald as No Requests. Check his other edits too, some really good stuff from Feist, Indeep and Biggie to name but a few. Also, I assume everyone already has but if you haven't yet, you do need to check out Erykah Badu's new LP. 

mmmf. - Love is Life by No Requests*

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Great lost album or a wind up?

The story around this record could be some late April fools wind-up or a hoax. Apparently recorded in Bombay in 1982, this album of classical India ragas to a disco beat - as the title suggests - must have been as far removed from anything else at the time. It's all Moroder-esque arpeggios, synthesizers and squelchy Roland basslines.  It is almost Aphex Twin at times (could it really be him?) or as the story goes, a Bollywood soundtrack composer and session musician.

Think Chicago Trax, think Kraftwerk, think 303 and 808, think you know about house music - think again.

If it is genuine, DJ Pierre must be listening to this and be pissed someone got there first but even if it isn't and was actually made last week, it still sounds good. Let's not be cynical though and then it becomes both remarkable AND important.

It has just been re-issued on limited double vinyl at the usual spots including: JunoBoomkat, Fat City.

Download the opening track here: Raga Bhairav 

Monday, 5 April 2010

Svetlana Industries

I don't usually write about new records too much - in fact this maybe the first time, generally because I don't see the point of putting up stuff that can be found everywhere. So it's safe to assume it takes something a little bit special for me to feel it really needs my opinion.

The second release from my favourite Serbian label, Svetlana, follows up the excellent Filtercutter from earlier this year with the debut release from Teebs and Jackhigh - a 7 track mini album called Tropics.

Anyone who has been keeping an ear to the ground over the past year cannot have failed to spot the rise of the multi talented producer Jackhigh in one of his many guises; Singing Statues coming through Ghostly, Bnjmn  on Rush Hour or his extraordinarily out-there, serious digging ustream dj sets as Ben Thomas.

Beat maker and artist Teebs from LA first came to my attention through his paintings but has been making a big name with associations with Flying Lotus and Samiyam. He too has more tracks coming soon with a forthcoming lp on Brainfeeder.

Their method of collaborating together reminded me of the group Postal Service, where one part of a track was worked on and then send back and forth being tweaked and flipped from each side. The guys have still apparently not yet met in person and yet without knowing the backstory, you could eaily be forgiven for thinking it is all one cohesive idea of one person. There is no clash of ideas and I have no idea which bits you could even say sounded British or American.

Finally, keep your eyes peeled for more releases from Svetlana, with the debut from the8bitch upcoming amongst others and check out their bi-weekly radio shows on Friday afternoons called Thunderloops Radio on

Buy the vinyl and grab the free track 'Clutch' from the bandcamp site:
<a href="">Clutch by Svetlana Industries</a>