Monday, 5 April 2010

Svetlana Industries

I don't usually write about new records too much - in fact this maybe the first time, generally because I don't see the point of putting up stuff that can be found everywhere. So it's safe to assume it takes something a little bit special for me to feel it really needs my opinion.

The second release from my favourite Serbian label, Svetlana, follows up the excellent Filtercutter from earlier this year with the debut release from Teebs and Jackhigh - a 7 track mini album called Tropics.

Anyone who has been keeping an ear to the ground over the past year cannot have failed to spot the rise of the multi talented producer Jackhigh in one of his many guises; Singing Statues coming through Ghostly, Bnjmn  on Rush Hour or his extraordinarily out-there, serious digging ustream dj sets as Ben Thomas.

Beat maker and artist Teebs from LA first came to my attention through his paintings but has been making a big name with associations with Flying Lotus and Samiyam. He too has more tracks coming soon with a forthcoming lp on Brainfeeder.

Their method of collaborating together reminded me of the group Postal Service, where one part of a track was worked on and then send back and forth being tweaked and flipped from each side. The guys have still apparently not yet met in person and yet without knowing the backstory, you could eaily be forgiven for thinking it is all one cohesive idea of one person. There is no clash of ideas and I have no idea which bits you could even say sounded British or American.

Finally, keep your eyes peeled for more releases from Svetlana, with the debut from the8bitch upcoming amongst others and check out their bi-weekly radio shows on Friday afternoons called Thunderloops Radio on

Buy the vinyl and grab the free track 'Clutch' from the bandcamp site:
<a href="">Clutch by Svetlana Industries</a>

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