Monday, 12 April 2010

Songs of Praise 11.4.10

Best of 2010: Part 1 January - April

Following the huge success of the best of the year show me and Colin did last December, we thought we would do a few more collaborative special retrospective shows this year, approximately one every 4 months. This one is actually all my choices so if you are annoyed something is missing - blame me. Oh and Footcrab didn't make the cut. Because it's insane insane insane insane insane insane insane insane insane insane... Hopefully it shows that 2010 already has more quality than the gloomy, naysayers might have you believe.

Richard Skelton  - Voice of the Book
Tapes - Lab Sound 01
Mark Pritchard - Heavy As Stone
Pangaea - Because Of You 
Kuedo - Starfox
Greymatter - Believe In Something ft. Heidi Vogel (TRG Remix)
Zomby & Actress - Nothing
The Arcade - Dubchip
Krystal Klear - Since Then
Loops Haunt - Rubber Sun Grenade
Erykah Badu feat. Lil Wayne & Bilal - Jump In The Air (Stay There)
Trina Featuring Lil' Wayne - Don't Trip (WeezyTrina 8bitch booty)
Om Unit - Lightgrids
Shafiq Husayn - Evil Man (Flying Lotus Remix)
Bullion - Say Goodbye To What
Osborne - Afrika (Bullion Remix)
8Bitch - Orpheus
Floating Points - People's Potential
The XX - VCR (Matthew Dear remix)
Caribou - Odessa
Singing Statues - Off the Axis
Architeq - Mind Games (Samoyed Remix) 
Burial (feat. El-B) - 1
Bake - Onestly Unfinished4
DVA - Natty
Four Tet - Plastic People
Zomby - Galapogos
Scuba - Before
Teebs - Grannies Away Present
Fauxhemian - Nepenthe
Roska - I Need Love feat. Anesha
Joy Orbison - The Shrew Would Have Cushioned the Blow
Samoyed - Message From The East (Lost In Translation)
Lukid - Spiller
Autechre - D-sho Qub
Four Tet - Sing (Floating Points Remix)

Big news! Due to me and Colin both being busy for the next few weeks or so (well in Colin's case, for the next 18 years or so at least), starting next week we will have a few guests dropping mixes for us every other week. There are some interesting names lined-up so get your tapes, reel to reels and 8-tracks lined up for the keepers.

Download track from the show: DVA - Natty

Download the show (for a limited time)

  Songs Of Praise on Spaceinvaderfm 10.4.10 by paulr :

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