Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Great lost album or a wind up?

The story around this record could be some late April fools wind-up or a hoax. Apparently recorded in Bombay in 1982, this album of classical India ragas to a disco beat - as the title suggests - must have been as far removed from anything else at the time. It's all Moroder-esque arpeggios, synthesizers and squelchy Roland basslines.  It is almost Aphex Twin at times (could it really be him?) or as the story goes, a Bollywood soundtrack composer and session musician.

Think Chicago Trax, think Kraftwerk, think 303 and 808, think you know about house music - think again.

If it is genuine, DJ Pierre must be listening to this and be pissed someone got there first but even if it isn't and was actually made last week, it still sounds good. Let's not be cynical though and then it becomes both remarkable AND important.

It has just been re-issued on limited double vinyl at the usual spots including: JunoBoomkat, Fat City.

Download the opening track here: Raga Bhairav 

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