Sunday, 11 July 2010

Songs of Praise 11.7.10 with Golau Glau

For tonight's show we had the honour of an exclusive first ever mix from Golau Glau. From their site
We are special guests of the Songs of Praise (not that one) crew on their Space Invader FM show Sunday night between 6-8pm BST. Our first ever mix will be streaming from, so we advise you tune in. Expect lots of Golau Glau silverpop, some of our remixes, a few tunes we’ve been enjoying recently and some exclusives – brand new material from us, including a long-awaited collaboration. Sneak preview time.


Golau Glau - A Better Drinker
Golau Glau - Held 
Golau Glau - Neuro 
TEETH - See Spaces (Golau Glau's See Silver Mix)
ESKMO - We Have Invisible Friends
Golau Glau - Unluted
Frankie & The Heartstrings - Hunger (Golau Glau Remix)
Golau Glau - A Tragic Error
Jun Ishikawa, Hirokazu Ando - Green Greens
Golau Glau - Virtual Boy 
Clock Opera - White Noise (Golau Glau Remix)
Golau Glau - This Will Be Our Year (Zombies cover)
Gyratory System - Yowser Yowser Yowser (Golau Glau Remix)
Golau Glau - Snap 
Gold Panda - Casio Daisy
The Choc Ices - Sweet Shop (demo)
worriedaboutsatan - Pissing About (Golau Glau Remix)
Golau Glau - Dead Air
Crystal Fighters - I Love London (Golau Glau Remix)
Golau Glau - La Dame Blanche 
White Noise - Love Without Sound
Golau Glau - Summer Games
Golau Glau - Placer Hush
Paul Thomas Saunders - Getting Loose With The Obtuse
Golau Glau - Time In A Bottle (Jim Croce cover)
Golau Glau - KBr For JCP* 
Golau Glau - Minnow Wait*
The Advisory Circle & Golau Glau - Shuli (Kosmische)*
Shelby Flint - Tomorrow Is Another Day
Golau Glau - A Better Drinker (Blue Daisy Snow Angel Mix)

**Competition to win a one-off copy of the mix on tape** 
GG said:
We like to write tunes about real things that interest us - we've written about Joe Meek, the Profumo Affair, brains, Michael Jackson's games room, hydraulic mining, teenaged Belgian spies, elections, North Korean breweries and more. We research these topics (not just Wikipedia) and get really into them. How about people suggest something that might be of interest to us to write our next track about and we pick the most interesting/crazy?

Please leave suggestions in the comments on mixlcoud.  If you can't use the tape, play along but don't take it off someone who might enjoy using it. At the end of the day, it's just a couple of C60s, its great music but you can hear it here.

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