Wednesday, 22 December 2010

2010 : Heroes of the year Number 3

Now today I can exactly pinpoint to the second that I consciously first heard my record of the year - the 7th May. See the Thunderloops show below to relive the moment.

I knew the name through the Untold remix from the back end of '09 and the earlier releases on Hemlock but it was still a huge slap in the face - it really was a stop everything what you are doing and shout to everyone this is the greatest thing since sliced bread type moment. To say I like it is a slight understatement yes.

The follow up tracks and remixes, especially the one for Mount Kimbie and the bootleg Harmonimix release just sealed his place as genius status in my eyes. He really didn't make a single duff note for me this year.  

If the new lp isn't my record of 2011 then I can only assume the second coming is happening next year.

Just one final thing - how good have R&S been this year? Where on Earth did that come from? 20 years on from buying everything on sight, Energy Flash, Dominator, Plastic Dreams, Aphex Twin and CJ Boland  to today again buying everything by Pariah, Space Dimension Controller, Untold, Model 500 back again and of course James Blake. I for one definitely did not see that one coming!

Tell Her Safe 
Limit To Your Love 
Stop What You're Doing 
A Milli 
Bills Bills Bills 

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