Monday, 13 December 2010

2010 : Heroes of the year Number 10

This years winners of the 'Doing An 8Bitch' Award (ie haven't actually had any records released this year but still managed to dominate the itunes top 20 played list) is split between two of my heroes this year. 

I've loved everything Golau Golau put out this year and it was a real honour when they kindly dropped an exclusive Songs Of Praise special for us in the summer. They have, coincidentally, got a new a new release up on bandcamp today, a Xmas ep and if you like that then you will definitely need to check Space Invader this weekend as they are back mixing a festive themed masterpiece. It really is something else!

Fauxhemian / Bandshelll just seemed to drop new tracks at the rate of about one a week throughout the year and again getting him to do a mix for us was a real privilege. Thankfully it seems there is going to be full releases coming very soon from this guy and I truly cannot wait.

As 8Bitch, the inaugural winner of this award, has shown us, the powers that be eventually catch up with us and start to give the world what they want and so hopefully this time next year I will finally have my hands on records by both of these artists. Probably more for their sake than mine as they won't want me constantly going on about 'when's the record coming?'

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