Saturday, 13 March 2010

Noise / Echo / Noise / Dub / Noise / Ruined / Noise

I started messing around with a few FX in ableton a quite a few weeks ago and found it made some strange, interesting little variations and on a couple of tracks worked quite well. I think I overdid it a bit on all of these and there are some very mixed results - a couple of them came out a lot better than others I think. I wasn't really planning on putting them up, they really just started off as tests for me to see what was possible with a bit of messing around. Then a couple of weeks ago Benjamin Semtek asked if I had done anything recently after using his "Bells" accapella in a track last year in another early experiement so that motivated me to attempt a couple more tracks.  Anyway, as ever, feedback / advice is always appreciated.

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