Monday, 1 March 2010

Songs of Praise 28.2.10

Another slight disaster this week at Songs of Praise HQ - you know we would be semi professionals if we were semi professional. Anyway, you would never guess the behind the scenes mess from listening to the show (as long as you didn't listen live that is), so sit back, relax and then realise this isn't one of Colin's downbeat shows but 2 hours of pounding techno. Enjoy!
Couldn't really pick out a popular track this week as no-one was able to hear very much of it so I have chosen to highlight a Levon Vincent cut as I had about 3 of his in this one mix. Download 'The Medium Is The Message' - actually the first track of his I picked up from a Hard Wax list and (wrongly) assumed he must be German. 

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