Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Svetlana Industries: Come On Lets Go

I think it isn't really much of a secret that I love pretty much everything Svetlana Industries puts out (not sure on them over size t-shirts but thats just me), so its always nice when some new music comes along. Its even nicer when its a 19 track compilation. And its free. 
Theres a balance of names already familiar to anyone who has been following the steady rise of the label or just the beats scene in general over the past year or so such as Teebs, Jackhigh, 8Bitch, Filtercutter and Piece Of Shh... so its perhaps a brave move to kick off the set with four tracks by lesser known or brand new names. 
Of these, the opener by Demokracy really kicks things off at a frantic pace setting the tone for the couple of tracks. The light relief of the brief interlude track by Prohor is only a respite before perhaps the best known track on the compilation from 8Bitch, In The Moog For Love which appeared on Oscillations or if you're a real 8Bitch geek, has been residing in certain top 20 list for for the best part of 18 months now.
Things move a little more downbeat, experimental and weird with some more abstract noise with Prohor and spoken word library samples warning of the effects of LSD from Polyklinik and then, what at the moment my favourite of all, something that reminds me a bit of when Leftfield used to make techno with a reggae toaster on vocals, Desert Island from Piece Of Shh...
The pace picks up again with another track that has been doing the rounds for a few months, Jackhigh's Turbines but then dips back for the the slightly mad looping sound of glass shattering and staggery beats that is the Teebs closer. You just know his soon to be released lp is going to make a late surge into all the best of lists come December.
Considering this project has apparently been in the making for six months, had one or two hold ups along the way and that some of the tracks have appeared in other guises over the past few months, it is a pleasant surprise how well it all flows together (it is ideally best heard in all in one go) and that nothing stands out as being on some bandwagon that has long past. 

<a href="">Desert Island by Svetlana Industries</a>

Now its usually at this point in all my reviews of Svetlana reviews that I start going on about how much I love Toby and Andrea's dj sets and radio shows so in a break with tradition this time I'll just say Andrea's shows have been going so ridiculously from strength to strength, I'm not sure firstly how my expectations can be raised any more or secondly how heartbroken I will be the first time she ever plays something I don't love 101%. Toby's Thunderlooops shows seem to be an extended summer break at the moment but seeing as how he introduced me to James Blake, I can forgive anything and just know his return to the airwaves will coincide with me taking out an overdraft to buy 1,000 brand new missed, skipped or flipped gems.
Check them on Spaceinvader: Andrea3000 Thursdays 10-12, Thunderloops first Wednesday of the mont 6:30-8pm or Friday afternoons on that station out of Serbia. You know the one.

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