Monday, 20 September 2010

Beats, Rhymes and with Isaac Ssebandeke, Dean Atta,

I don't post too much new stuff on here so you know its something thats caught my eye (or ears) and I don't think enough people are shouting about it to make me put something down. That is very much the case with new rapper / poet Dean Atta who I first heard through Charlie Dark on twitter.

Here are a couple of videos he's put up on youtube and beneath is a link to download his first ep for free. His first full length album is due at the start of October and again, thats going to be on bandcamp for free for theres really no excuses to not check him out.

Brixton Sessions #22 - Dean Atta 'Fatherless Nation' from Blindeye | Films on Vimeo.

On a similar tip is Isaac Ssebandeke, again I name I heard through twitter and again with poetry / spoken word / rhymes to get off bandcamp for free Ssebandeke

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