Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Piece Of Shh..

I always like to hear new things from one of my favourite labels this year and this week sees the release of their third single, this time from fellow Belgrade resident, Piece Of Shh.. (a.k.a. producer Goran Simonoski) called 'Diablo Riddim'.

As a real marker of how far the label has come in a year, they have managed to drag Zomby away from picking fights with Roska and (possibly) stealing samples from Russian women on Youtube, to drop his first new remix since March. The second remix in the package comes from underrated Spanish producer Hektagon, expect to hear more from him in 2011.


Buy the record and digital (and all the label's entire back catalogue) from

The video for the Zomby remix

A new mixtape by Piece Of Shh.. also appeared on the Lowriders blog in the last few days, a mix of dubstep, reggae and theres even a couple of rave classics in there too. Well worth checking here

Svetlana are also giving away a free track not on either the vinyl or digital release through the blogs called 'You're Gonna Love It Too'

And for just a little bit of cross promotion, if you want to hear another unreleased Piece Of Shh.. track, there is one featured in this mix by some waste of space called me: here

Follow Piece Of Shh.. on twitter at http://twitter.com/pieceofshh
and Svetlana Industries at http://twitter.com/SvetlanaHQ



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