Monday, 29 November 2010

8bitch OUT NOW!

Finally someone has come to their senses and actually given the world a proper 8Bitch record for us to love and cherish as today sees the release of her Equinox EP on Seed Records.

Lead track Orpheus reminds me off something Aphex Twin or Squarepusher might do; the rapid fire machine gun beats, crunching electronic noise mixed with the softest ambient spacey synths.
If the rest of the ep wears it's IDM influences on its sleeve, Hathor is (perhaps a touch surprisingly) the only UK Funky style track with soft female "oohh ahhh" vocals until halfway it flips to a(n almost) rave piano. I say surprising only because I assume people would perhaps think of Maya as a dubstep / bass producer with tracks already appearing on dubstep compilations, and I think this ep just goes to show that not only do her mixes take in all styles of hip hop, crunk, techno and electro, her own productions also follow suit.

Astarte is again back to that selected ambient crunk sound and is perhaps closest to the In The Moog track from the Oscillations and Svetlana compilation.
Isis (or Rustles as it might be known to other 8Bitch obsessives from back in the summer) finishes us off with yet more sweat swirling, twinkling synths drifting off to some warped idea of cbeebies bedtime theme.

I have been waiting for this record for nearly two years and I am so pleased that the results mean the wait was well worth it. Now hopefully the eagerly anticipated follow up won't take quite so long.


Buy it directly from Seed here or all the usual places seem to have it in (including HMV!) but move quick because it is limited to 250 copies.

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