Saturday, 5 June 2010

Wares The House?

These days I probably wouldn't be seen dead with any album "As seen on TV", funny how times change. Back in the day, probably a Saturday to be precise, me and my brother must have seen an advert for a new LP inbetween the Chart Show. Saturday afternoon rave scenes with huge pianos, screaming divas and everything else that went into commercial Italian house in 1989 - usually a lot of Loleatta Holloway samples as well! 

I picked this up again after a friend pulled it out of his mum's collection. I don't know which is more worrying; that my friends are young enough to have parents who were into house music or that someone else actually bought this album? Anyway, listening back to it now it hasn't dated one bit (hmmmm a million bits more like), but the classics are still the classics - FPI Project, Patti Day, 2 In A Room or the monster you can check below from The Mixmaster. 

Download - The Mastermixer - Grand Piano

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