Monday, 7 June 2010


Friend to the stars, media mogul and mastermind contestant for the Chicago house, Paula 'Grooveparlor' Harris, was recently telling me that on a first date an ex had given her a copy the second Brainstorm LP, Journey To The Light. God only knows how he managed to stuff it up after such a great start but we won't ask! Anyway, the point of the story was that it made me have a quick flick through the archives for any Brainstorm tracks I had.  First thing I spotted was I need that lp - We're On Our Way Home - ouch, what a track.

Secondly, originally from 1979, heres is a re-rub from Derrick Carter (another little nod to Paula's beloved Chi-town) from a few months ago (note slight title change!). 

Download: Hot 5 2 (Derrick Carter B.H.Q. Re-Edits

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