Sunday, 27 June 2010

Open letter to someone

I was just going to email this to the person its meant for but I just read it back and although I don't know if any other teenagers actually read any of this crap, I thought I would share it, they might get something out of it too. Hopefully the someone won't mind too much.

Hi mate

Sorry if I came across argumentative before. I know its not really an excuse but you kind of caught me at a bad time just after the match and I think I just went a bit over the top. 

That said, what I was trying to say was actually a fairly valid point - the majority of what I listen to now, I didn't when I was 14. I used to think every record Pete Tong and Paul Oakenfold played was the greatest thing ever and used to collect as many of them tracks as I could. I would guess around about 5% if that have had any durability to them. If I was a normal person I wouldn't keep them but as I'm a hoarder I can't get rid and every once in a while I do very occasionally dig them out for old times sake or when you discover an album track / b-side that you had never noticed back then which turns out to be a classic. 

I know if someone had argued with me that all the Perfecto Fluro tracks were going to a bit of a short lived trend, I would have defended them to the hilt - in fact I still would but thats just because I'm an argumentative bastard. And anyway, just because I personally do or don't like a group doesn't mean its true - its just my opinion. 

I think from our scene its hard to say what would still be viewed as a classic in years without resorting to the obvious standards which have already been set, and anyway all that stuff is already 20 years old. I know for a fact of all these house and techno records I buy today, maybe one will be worth something one day, but thats not the reason I buy them - I'm happy to enjoy them in the moment and then use them as the stepping stone to the next record and if that move is to a bad place, you can always take a step back, maybe take two steps back - see what influenced that record you loved, then move on again from there - always building up knowledge of what you find that works. Then after you think you have got on top of your game, you think you know all there is to know, something completely new and innovative comes along and knocks you sideways.

Anyway, I guess what I'm badly saying is, I'm often wrong about most things. Don't take my opinion as being the truth - it definitely isn't. And if you believe in something, defend it.


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