Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Round up

Just a bit of a round up from the last few weeks. I think all the good new tracks I have been listening to have already been heavily blogged so I don't really want to spend too long or what you probably already should be very familiar with. But incase you have been hiding away trying to deny it is Winter or something and completely missed them, you need to check out Rustie, Flying Lotus and Dobie's latest.

There have been two more Songs of Praise shows on spaceinvader fm which can still be played again here and here. From the first I think the track which got the most attention was the Digital Mystikz one, and from the show last Sunday, I think one or two people were surprised by the inclusion of a Chris Rea Christmas classic.

One final bit of news, me and Colin have finally sorted out the list for the end of year show so I can start putting my own favourites up on here now, so that will start in the next few posts over the coming days.

Digital Mystikz - Pathways 
Chris Rea - Driving Home 

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