Friday, 18 December 2009

2009 Record of the year 14 - 12

You can't really review 2009 without mentioning the events of 25th June. I think some used it to try to put out any old crap with the tagline of MJ tribute. Most were just very poor remixes which added absolutely nothing to the original classics. Even The Roots ruined Billie Jean so it really does take something special to not only pay homage but also perhaps improve on the original. I think they managed it this time.

14. The Roots - I Wanna Be Where You Are w/ Erykah Badu 

I could really have chose any of Onur Engin's edits which have been appearing on Soundcloud this year, however if pushed, I think this one would be my favourite. My only (very slight) issue is that it needs to be longer, that loop could o on forever for me. However until then, the repeat button will have to do.

13. Diana Ross - Brown Baby (Onur EngiEdit) 

Another new producer in '09 (to me anyway) whose tracks first started appearing again on Soundcloud earlier this year. His full release, Strings Detached, was a great little ep and whetted the appetite for more releases and remix work. I've recently been hearing very good things about his dj sets too - must catch up with one of them soon. The broadsheets must be tipping this guy as one to watch in 2010, right?

12. Flying Lotus ft Andreya Triana - Tea Leaf Dancers (Blue Daisy Remix) 

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