Saturday, 26 December 2009

2009 Record of the year 1 : Heroes of the year

1. Burial and Four Tet

Is it cheating to have two people at the number one? Not if between them, their tracks are three of my favourites of the year and their collaboration was my number 1.

I guess 2009 was actually a quiet year for both of them - their entire collected output would probably come to somewhere around 30 minutes of actual music. Firstly Burial, who after all the Mercury prize and outing fiasco last year, kept away from the spotlight and his only release was to be a part of the Hyperdub anniversary compilation.

Four Tet dropped the first single from his forthcoming album late in year and showed that he still knows what works on the dancefloor after a couple of experimental free jazz albums. His choice of remixes was also spot on with Joy Orbison being asked to do the business and delivering. I can't wait for the album in early 2010.

When the two combined on the ultra limited 12", I knew before even hearing the track that it would either bring out their very worst and be some messy experimental noise, or the very best and be heavy dubstep / atmospheric type thing. I was really pleased then that I was completely wrong and in 'Moth', they actually made a deep house track. Ok, house music with some mad noises, those skippy / clicky beats and cut up vocal snatches. Its all about the build, the drops and coming backs for seconds.  That's why we've gotta have house music all night long.

Burial - Fostercare 
Four Tet - Love Cry 
Burial and Four Tet - Moth 

And if you are wondering where Joy Orbison, the xx, Shackleton and many others are from the chart, check out Songs of Praise on Sunday when me and Colin will be doing a 3 hour run down of all our favourites of the year with (hopefully) very little overlap from this chart. Check it here: Space Invader Sunday 6 - 9 pm

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