Thursday, 17 December 2009

2009 Record of the year 17 - 15

I think this track could have been the first time I really saw the benefits of Twitter. Questlove from The Roots took up the challenge to take an unusable album and make something out of it. He tweeted his progress along the way and then at the end, posted this video and the track up to show mission accomplished.

17. The Randy Watson Experience - Philip Michael Thompson (?uestlove edit) 

I hadn't really thought that dubstep would have crossed over to US rappers so well but this is one heavy track that really worked. I don't think it actually got a full single release yet as it hasn't yet been the pop chart hit it deserves to be.

16. Eve with Benga - me N my (Dirty)

This album almost slipped me by earlier this year but the inclusion of this track in, what was probably the best mix cd this year, Modeselektor's Body Language Vol. 8, I immediately had to go back and check it again.

15. Animal Collective - My Girls 

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