Wednesday, 16 December 2009

2009 Record of the year 20 - 18

Beak> were Geoff Barrow's (of Portishead) new side project band, whose limited edition box set album sold out before you could even say gone, despite very low key publicity. Thankfully it has now been repressed as a single cd and can be picked up here:

20. Beak> - I know 

I never really found out too much about this track or who the Mcsleazy was that put it together but it grew to be one of my favourites from September. Drone guitars with the classic 'Baby I Love You' seemed a little strange on paper, but actually turned out to compliment the wall of sound Spector might have been making today if he wasn't planning on working with Charles Manson or whatever else he gets up to these days.

Also, I can't pass this moment without paying a small tribute to the writer of The Ronettes track, Ellie Greenwich, who sadly died this August.

19.  Arab Strap vs The Ronettes - Baby, 1 4o7e 1ou (Mcsleazy Bootleg) 

Where did this one come from? Well, some street festival in Manchester back in July would be the precise answer but who would have thought a steel band playing post punk could sound so good? Well, lots of people it seems.

18. Steel Harmony - Steel Transmission 

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