Sunday, 20 December 2009

2009 Record of the year 8 - 6

The Revenge / OOFT blog has been one of the 'must check' sites for me this year. Their very limited edition downloads of edits / remixes from their sets might have gone from the sublime, see below, to the ridiculous, see their latest Wham meets Diana Ross cut up (move quick here), but the quality is always of the highest order. Here they drop a bit of Neneh Cherry with Malcolm Mclaren to great effect.

8. Neneh Cherry - Buffalo Stance (The Revenge Edit) 

Whats left to say about Rustie? I think a lot has been written about the Glasgow scene he, Numbers, Hu Mo et al have been at the forefront of this this year.  Completely different to the Glasgow that Revenge (see above) must be living in but still, was there a more vibrant city this year? Is Rustie going to make the album of 2010? With his productions like this and Bad Science, you know its going to be something a bit special. Or is it going to be the year the piss poor imitators move into the scene flood it with crap?

7. Keyshia Cole - Shoulda Let You Go (Rustie Keesha Resmak) 

Who would have thought Whitney Houston would have come back so strong? Well, although the original mix was good, it took a little re-edit from Scrimshire, extending it and using a little bit more of the Loleatta Holloway sample, to really send it soaring. Adam must be the most generous man of the year as not only did he give away this gem away, if you move quick enough, you can still pick up his full artist album either as a pay-what-you-want download or limited edition personalised cd here:

6. Whitney Houston - Million Dollar Bill (Scrimshire Edit) 

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