Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Heroes of 2011: Number 3

Jamie XX may have been a bit ubiquitous this year. There must only be a few people on the planet he didn't offer his steel pans to. Gil Scott Heron, Radiohead twice, Falty DL, Adele, Rhianna and his own solo debut on Numbers. When working with the former legends, he produced some of the best work of his career and with the initially questionable moves of working with the latter mainstream artists, produced some of the best work of their careers. Add to that his increased dj schedule this year and rumours of working on new material with The XX and he has been a busy boy but it doesn't look like the start of 2012 is going to slow him down any.

We're New Here Lp with Gil-Scott Heron
Far Nearer
Bloom Rework 1 and 3
Hip Love
Rolling In The Deep
Fact Mix 239 with Oneman

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