Thursday, 8 December 2011

Heroes of 2011: Number 14

Tri Angle was one of my favourite labels of the year, Wander / Wonder one of the best albums and yet it is for four remixes that Balam Acab is my hero this year. I don't know if the chillwave / synthwave / whatever they are calling it this week, will continue to be as big next year, but I'm for one will definitely be keeping tabs on where the likes of Tri Angle's Holy Other, How To Dress Well, oOoOO, Clams Casino, Ayshay and Balam Acab take it.

Twin Sister - Kimmi In A Rice Field (Balam Acab Remix)
SleepOver Romantic Streams (Balam Acab Remix)
Lana Del Rey - Video Game (Balam Acab Remix)
Ghost Town DJ's - My Boo (Balam Acab Remix)

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