Friday, 2 December 2011

Heroes of 2011: Number 19

Although he died in 2000, it was only this year I discovered the work of the DJ Screw and the whole chopped and screwed sound. When one of my favourite record shops of the year, Second Layer, whose recommends can always be bought blind, made Rodger Stella's album 'Interior Moon' their album of the week, I had to find out more. The tags on the soundcloud clips included "DJ Screw" which has since lead me off another voyage of discovery but mainly it was this weird, slowed down, dubby, noise that had me hooked. A true headphone masterpiece.

The chopped and screwed, slug paced, dubby, syprupy, pitched down noise was then taken further with his double cassette 'remix' package. If you haven't heard it, you only need to  know the words which had me hooked: King Tubby meets Cluster meets Steve Reich meets Terry Reilly. Go buy. Right now.

Interior Moon A / B
Kosmische Dub A / B
Reich / Reilly A / B

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