Friday, 9 December 2011

Heroes of 2011: Number 13

The hardest working man in showbiz this year must have been Caribou / Daphni Dan Snaith. Especially in the last few months, it seems like he has had a new record, edit or remix out every other week. Add to that the split record he made with Four Tet on Text earlier in the year plus the touring as a band and dj gigs all over the world, it is amazing how he finds the time and yet his standards have not slipped once all year.

Daphni - Ye Ye
Daphni Edits 1 - Mapfumo / NPE
Daphni Edits 2 - Hypersphare / Balladins
Radiohead - Little By Little (Caribou Remix)
Virgo Four - It's A Crime (Caribou Remix)
No Boundaries - Modular Pursuits (Dapnhi Remix)

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