Monday, 16 November 2009

The most stressful mix I'll ever do

Yesterday afternoon, when I was expecting Colin cubikmusik to be promoting the Spaceinvader fm show, he announced there had been problems with his computer and he wouldn't be able to make the show that evening. As I kind of had my planned tracklist set for the show I should have been doing a week later, I thought it wouldn't be too much trouble to step in.

So with 6 hours to go before broadcast, I finalised the tracklisting and began mixing the 2 hour show. Then there was issues with not having a huge amount of memory space left on my laptop so had to move things around, clear some crap etc. I had been sent some info about uploading it for broadcast but couldn't really make any sense of it so arranged that I'd upload it and send a link to be downloaded and set up for broadcast - I know, time consuming but the best way in the circumstances. Well that was until after 44 minutes of a 45 minute upload the internet connection died on me! That left an hour to upload again, send it and prepare for broadcast. Messages were flying back and forth across twitter that one person was going out, another was already out and might not be back to download. To say, it was getting a little tense and fraught would be putting it mildly.

Then at 17:50, the message came through, "DONE". We were good to go

Thankfully though, the feedback from the show was all positive, especially the final 45 minutes of some classic reggae and dancehall vibes which had Colin grinding around the kitchen to his Sunday roast - I don't really want to picture it myself, but there you go.
You can listen again or download the show from here: Spaceinvader Mix 15.11.09 by paulr

And here is a track that perhaps conveys some of the urgency and excitement of the day. Download - Flourgon and Ninjaman - Zig It Up 

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