Thursday, 12 November 2009

Live at the Social

As I am making up the rules to this blog as I am going along, I will now introduce a little plan to link every post in some way to the last, which they have so far unintentionally anyway.

So today, keeping on the theme of my favourite mixtapes, I have moved on to Jon Carter's "Live At The Social Volume 2" from 1996. To me it just sounded like the best party tape ever - hip hop, reggae and house all thrown together. This wasn't big beat like Fatboy Slim or Midfield General or the like were playing, it sounded as if it was referencing something older and more timeless, which I guess it was - it certainly wasn't full of contemporary tracks.

So here is the opening track. For years, I thought Carter had actually been mixing in Velvet Underground (or A Tribe Called Quest) samples, but it's actually all the work of Kenny Dope.

Download: Kenny Dope Presents The Mad Racket - Supa (Deep In Brooklyn Mix)

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