Tuesday, 10 November 2009

By special request

While my first show was going out on space invader radio, I was asked by the resident grimestress, andrea3k, why I don't have a blog, so here it goes.  Posting will be irregular and sporadic, often with little to no interest to the majority but so what. 

I thought, this first post would both tie with and round off the first show (which you can grab from both the space invader site above or the link at the bottom of this page) and so I have chosen a track which was picked upon by a couple of listeners. 

Cat Stevens' "Was a Dog a Doughnut" originally came out in 1977 and although the album, Izitso, was seen as a return to form and a commercial success, the single peaked at number 53. I first came across the track in the late 90s after hearing that New York Djs like David Mancuso and Danny Tenaglia refered to it as a disco classic of The Loft and Paradise Garage. Knowing only "Father and Son" at the time, this came as something of a shock and knew it had to be investigated. I wasn't disappointed.

Picked up again by the Creative Use label in 2004 for a re-edit, this version extends the drums and electronics by a minute or so plus I guess it's the first time it was easily available on 12" for a while


It seems to still be available here if you move quickly: Phonica
Spaceinvader Mix 08.11.09 by paulr

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