Friday, 3 June 2011


Just a little round up of some stuff I've liked over the past month or so

First up Mixcloud


And for Blck's other Gil Scott-Heron meets Sun Ra tribute mix

Seja Heroi has also dropped a nice little mix from this week's show including a bit of a GSH tribute.

You can listen to these and more (including my stuff if you are mental) on Mixcloud's new Iphone app.

One of my all time favourite magazines, Muzik, has put the entire contents up as pdfs so you can go and find out what Sasha was playing in '96. My kind of fun filled afternoon.

Shook magazine has sadly ended it's print form but they are still putting up some quality stuff online including this recent mix by Bnjmn

who was also interviewed by German techno magazine de-bug

Check Ben's mix of Mr Beatnick's forthcoming release on Don't Be Afraid

Mr Beatnick - Casio Romance (BNJMN remix) by factmag

Ben UFO's Boiler Room started a spin-off series of mixes kicking off with this belting mix of classic d'n'b of the mid '90s.

WrongTom has started a blog with some great tales and gems from the post punk / dub reggae scene: Skank Blog Bologna

Passionweiss blog ran a great piece on 30 classic hip hop demos (with links - there goes your afternoon)

Charlie Dark put up a great video of a brief history of his Run Dem Crew and old Attica Blues days. Can't wait for part 2.

Charlie also linked to these other videos recently, the first is pure poetry, the second is about homelessness from the perspective of the children.

DARK SIDE OF THE LENS from Astray Films on Vimeo.

Sofa Surfers from walshbros on Vimeo.

Ghostpoet + Koreless = WIN for me.

Ghostpoet - Survive It (Koreless Remix) by ghostpoet

This tweet from Bake of All caps has got me very excited at the prospect of finally being about to check his music on wax.!/BAKEGLA/status/76043138283741185

Blawan has dropped a classic here. Sampling Brandy might seem like an idea everyone is doing at the moment but this one really rises above the rest. One of my favourite tracks of the year already I think.

On Bandcamp there is some interesting stuff including some nice freebies.

Mo Kolours debut on One Handed Music 

Stac's remixes by Blue Daisy and Kidkanevil amongst others

Tommy Tempa


Zoom Lens including a new track by Svpreme Fiend

And did I mention Bandshell had a new ep on teaandcakerecords?

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