Monday, 30 May 2011

Bandshell on teaandcakerecords

This morning saw the release of our third ep from teaandcakerecords. This time it's some dark, brooding, deep, atmospheric dubstep from man of mystery Bandshell.

I say mystery because it is very hard to pin down and true facts about him. I have known him for about 18 months now and still don't know that much about him. I knew him by at least three different aliases before only recently finding out his real name. I know the area he lives which made me have doubts if I knew his race. I had a feeling I knew his age approximately although initially I thought he was older than he actually is.

However none of that seemed important to me. To me he was Bandshell, the guy with great beats, an encyclopedic knowledge of not only dubstep, grime, garage and techno but also obscure rock bands, always guaranteed to pull out a little gem you've never heard before or drop some new demo he's been working on just that day and sounds better than the majority of things you've heard that year. It's Bandshell and it's an honour to finally be able to share with a wider audience just a first small sample of some of his music.

Thanks on this project must go out to the early ustreamers Mr Beatnick, Bake / ALLCAPS, Bnjmn and Lukid for the initial meeting, to Svpreme Fiend for the words of wisdom and to Tim for being Mr Teaandcakerecords and letting me get away with a lot my own way on this one.

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