Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Grime Age

Another mix of mine that wanders off somewhere but this time actually ends up at an interesting spot. 

Virgo Four - It's A Crime
Blawan - Getting Me Down
Cursor Miner - Cursor Miner
Sorrow. - Glory
Sticky - Jumeirah Riddim
Bandshell - Emerald Tiger
Starkey - Gutter Music
Jamie XX - Far Nearer
Busta Rhymes - Throw It Up (Instrumental)
Fauxhemian - Hopscotch Riddim
Ludacris - The Potion
TRC - My Empire
Sorrow. - Grime Age 
Royal-T - Music Please
D.O.K - Keep On Making Grime
Spooky - Bashment Woooo
Sorrow. - Paranoia
Sorrow. - Glory
Sorrow. - Untitled

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