Sunday, 10 April 2011

Round Up

Just a quick round up of some bits I've recently liked on bandcamp and mixcloud.

Firstly, Steve Miggedy Maestro adds another limited freebie to his growing collection of edits. Rumours are this one has a Philly connection. Maybe some MFSB. 

And also check this clip of the new Julie Dexter album which Steve has been producing. 

Keeping on the spaceinvader friends producing new material, Golau Glau have a new EP called Somato. For more of the background on them and the release, see also this interview with Sonic Router

Jared Covington's Cannibalist Manifesto shows are (unsurprisingly) all absolutely essential listens and very educational on stuff I'm not hearing anywhere else really. 

Check the latest show below and the following links are all free downloads of tracks he has been playing. 

Sacred Animals - Welcome Home (Remixes)

Rites Wild - Rites Wild EP

Featureless Ghost - Take It Out

And then one he didn't put me onto but I think it sort of fits in with the sound; 

A Dead Forest - Antique EP

XLII has released a bonus second part to the Red Cross Japan charity compilation, Nihon Kizuna, with some great tracks by Blue Daisy, Machinedrum and Mr Beatnick amonst many others. It's pay what you want so pay as much as you can.

The Roots + Clyde Stubblefield + Chuck D + Fight The Power

And finally, John Legend covering Adele mixed with the beats from Amerie sounds like it should be as exciting as buying cds in Asda but is actually much much better than that. 

John Legend x Amerie -Take Control Rolling in The Deep (MN Edit) by MattNice EditRecords

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