Tuesday, 22 March 2011


I've decided I might start using this site to promote things other than myself again. One day I'm sure I will get a proper focus to it but in the meantime it will still be just as you remember it - all over the place.
Anyway, here is a bit of a roundup of some stuff I've liked recently which isn't me and probably hasn't had anywhere near enough words written about them yet:

First up, a little special edit by Seja Heroi of Marvin Gaye and Svarte Greiner of Ghostly International

And if you haven't been checking his new show on Space Invader, start catching up here:

Jared also turned me onto the great work of the Tundra label. I especially love the Aimon stuff (you'll be hearing more of this off me very soon). 

And check more of their releases here: http://tundradub.bandcamp.com/

Another dj I can never hear enough mixes by is Soul Identity who not only recently did that great mix of my requests (http://www.mixcloud.com/soul_identity/a-mix-for-paul-riley/), but also put this one up the other week and if there was any justice should be getting thousands of listens. 

The final mixcloud comes from Play Jazz Loud who dropped a contribution to the Chris Coco Melodica competition taking in some forgotten classics, bootlegs and choices from the back of the crates.

I don't really know too much about Emay but I stumbled across their stuff through a twitter link and although everyman and his dog is doing beats stuff on free bandcamp downloads these days (http://teaandcakerecords.bandcamp.com/ :)), this really stood out as something a bit different.

Belizian Voodoo Priest is the new project of legendary Chicago dj, friend to the stars and all round good guy Steve 'Miggedy' Maestro of Grooveparlor TV / House It Out Fridays fame. So far he has put up a couple of disco edits and a monster techno track. All are pretty much essential.

I heard the other day that Odyssey are coming back with a new album produced by YamWho? which on paper looks like the best thing since..... well everything else YamWho? has done really. Anyway, as part of the package, the classic Inside Out is being remixed and I loved hearing all the separate parts to this.


The first release for Glasgow's ALLCAPS label is apparently imminent but before that comes the debut from one of its members, Koreless. Move quick on this as it's limited to 300 copies but I can recommend buying from bleep as you get the mp3s free. 

A new mix by Svpreme Fiend exclusively of his own productions is definitely worth investigating: http://www.urb.com/2011/03/11/burnin-up-svpreme-fiend/

The Nihon Kizuna compilation has been blogged a lot but it's for a good cause and the music is so good you should buy it regardless. 

And finally, some new stuff by friends connected to my favourite label (or is it now my second favourite http://teaandcakerecords.bandcamp.com/), Svetlana Industries.  Bnjmn's album is finally out now on Rush Hour and he has done the latest mix for Little White Earbuds podcast: http://www.littlewhiteearbuds.com/podcast/lwe-podcast-77-bnjmn/

8Bitch has changed her name to Nightwave and not only has a track on the Japan relief Nihon Kizuna compilation, but also dropped her first ever live set for hyponik featuring some forthcoming material

Brickwall Brigade follow up their excellent remix of Brotto with another airhorn masterpiece,  taking on the new FaltyDL track.


And to round this all off, Piece Of Shh (aka one half of Brickwall Brigade), has just released the latest free single on Svetlana Industries; Diablo Riddim Remixed with Nightwave, Headshotboyz and Bunny On Acid on duties. 

If you enjoy the Bunny On Acid mix, you will be pleased to know, we have also got him in to do some work for teaandcakerecords too so keep 'em peeled.