Sunday, 27 February 2011

Trip To Manchester

One for Blackclassical and all the other granddads living in the past ;) Some of the old Chicago and Detoit stuff I picked up on a trip to Manchester on Friday. 
Apologies that my rips aren't the best and therefore do show up every single crackle and pop especially on the 20 year old Trax record which was probably a few other records in a past life. I think it kind of adds to the aged / rough vibe to the mix.

Armando - So In Love With You
Armando - Our House
Robert Armani - Invasion
Robert Armani - Pulse
Underground Resistance - Hardlife (Aaron Carl Remix)
Robert Armani - Ambulance
Armando - Which Way Is Up
Purpose Maker - Cubango
Jeff Mills - Scenario
Jeff Mills - Getaway
Jeff Mills - The Fear As We Know It
Dr Kevorkian - Aftermath (Option 1)
Underground Resistance - Method Of Force
Underground Resistance - The Punisher

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