Monday, 25 October 2010


Just a few little observations on my first (and no doubt last) popular mix on mixcloud which has kind of rocketed away this evening - I think entirely down to the fact people saw the name Gregory Isaacs, only knew the track from the Night Nurse adverts and wanted to hear more now he has died. As mine is the only mix up, everyone was forced to listen to me.

Now this got me thinking (these aren't in any order - just ramblings off the top of my head):
1. It proves talent plays no role in popularity - That mix was probably the most thrown together thing I've done, whereas things which have taken hours of digging, ripping, mixing and editing usually get 3 listens.
2. It doesn't take any promotion on my part to have a hit - Apart from the auto tweet that is first generated, I didn't put the link up again ever as I generally don't.
3. Clearly no-one reads this blog - As soon as the mixcloud counter hit 100 listens I put the mix available to listen and download on with the link back here. In the same time that mixcloud reached another 250 listens, the link had 4 listens and 3 downloads
4. The only person who left any comment in any of the places where the mix was upped, was the very first listener on mixcloud who I'm guessing probably was quite a big fan of Gregory Isaacs in the first place.

I have no problem that no-one listens or reads my stuff usually - I don't think its particularly interesting or insightful or anywhere near as good as what a billion other people do a lot better but I just really hope that maybe just a couple of the 400+ and counting also listen to maybe the Rhythm & Sound mix - well if they like reggae, its not impossible, and maybe just maybe actually go and buy a Basic Channel record or something. I think my dream is one day someone says 'I heard this because of you and so I went out and bought it'. It hasn't happened yet.


  1. Oh honey *hug* I kinda know how you feel. Like you say - popularity has nothing to do with quality, at least not on Mixcloud. My best stuff (in my opinion) and stuff I worked really hard on has the least listens.

  2. thanks orsii, i'm pleased i got so many listens to this mix and so shouldn't be annoyed but my overall feeling is still pissed off that firstly no one would have cared about gregory isaacs 2 days ago and are only interested now because as greg said "bunch of zietgest voyuers wanting to fuel their own void ego. Next up DILLA?" and second that i cant use this moment of popularity to any good and direct people to more interesting stuff.