Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Songs of Praise

Last weekend saw another of my mixes go out on Space Invader. I was inspired for the first hour of the show by a mix everyone's friend Orsii had done of classic 90s r'n'b. Using this as a starter and reading some older posts on the brownswood board and a bit of crate digging, I pulled out a few classics by the likes of Toni, Tony, Tone and Jodeci.

However the track which caught the most attention this week was an old remix of the Roni Size / Reprezent classic, 'Heroes' by Peter Kruder. I had actually thought about putting the Origin Unknown remix from the single in but then remembered this version I had on an old Talkin' Loud compilation and felt it went a little better with the feel of the show.

Anyway, if you really want to you can hear the whole show again below:
Download: Roni Size / Reprezent - Heroes (Kruder Powercut Version)

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