Monday, 2 January 2012

Helix Luckyme Mixtape

The Luckyme mix Helix mentioned in the Heroes of 2011 chart, is now available:

100. Helix – Rapid Mixtape

LuckyMe Mixtape Helix Hessle Audio Night Slugs Lucky Me
100. Helix – Rapid Mixtape
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Helix is that dude with All Caps & Night Slugs 12″s out this apocalyptic 2012 which places him in unique position to quietly influence the best djs this year; just before the oceans evaporate forever… and so what’s he offering? Well he’s upping the tempo on all this pussy compressed laptop techno and trying to bring back something raw uncut with clattering, black-pepper drum programming that feels authentic. He builds music for 1AM and 4AM with equal weight – even his deeper, understated moments swing on long tape saturated pads. And with this tape for us, which could of easily just been a tribute to OJ Da Juiceman, he sorta surprised us with this perfect night drive soundtrack of rapid & classic techno that warrants bouncing to cassette just for the extra dose of fuzz as the planet moves slowly closer to the sun. Our 100th tape. Helix in the mix. Happy new year.

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