Monday, 1 February 2010

Songs of Praise 31.1.10

So another fortnight has rolled around so it must be my turn to select some good tracks and play them quite badly in the name of entertainment. Yes its another Songs of Praise mix on Space Invader.

My intention for this mix was to use perhaps up to 100 short samples of ambient noise tracks as interludes amongst the krautrock bits and then mix the techno part is a similar way - using just short samples to layer upon each other. Obviously this turned out to be far too ambitious for someone of my no-talents so instead the ambient bits got cut down dramatically and kind of just stayed as quite distinguishable parts and the techno bit has some very poor mixing and only really one short bit where theres four or five tracks and loops playing together for a few minutes. Hopefully, it kind of sounds ok played as a whole and if you focus on the bits where I think it sort of works a bit, you will be able to see what my intentions were.

As this show was meant to be about loops, samples and short interludes, its a bit tricky to highlight one particular track from it, so I think I'll give you one of the short tracks which added both atmospheric noise and a bit of a thud to that section.

Download: Basic Channel - Q1.1_IIII 

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